St Anthony’s Ashram Jeppu gears up for the annual feast


The annual feast of St Anthony of Padua will be celebrated on the 13th of June. The Saint Anthony’s Ashram Jeppu whose Patron  is Saint Anthony is in preparation mood.  Tredecina(thirteen days novena) has already started on the 31st of May. Devotees of St Anthony in large numbers have been attending this Novena Mass which is held at 12 noon at Jeppu Ashram .

As a remote preparation for the feast Triduum(three days  novena) will be held on 10,11 & 12th June at Milagres Church at 6 pm. Fr Anil Kiran Fernandes SVD of Mulki Divine Centre will be the chief celebrant on Triduum days.

The main Festive Holy Mass will be celebrated by Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza at 6 pm along with the priests from and around the city at Milagres Church. Earlier during the day a Holy Mass will be celebrated at 8.15 am for the elderly and sick people with a special prayer for them. At 4 pm Holy Mass will celebrated in Malayalam. Fr Jestin James from Trissur will be the main celebrant. At 11 am a Holy Mass will be celebrated by Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu the Vicar General of the Diocese for the inmates and special invitees at the Jeppu Ashram.

This year on 12th June the Devotion to St Anthony completes 119 years and steps into 120th years. To mark this occasion the Director along with his team has planned activities related to St Anthony’s Devotion and  Charity Works. The brochure containing the list of programmes will be released by the Bishop at the end of the solemn Holy Mass at Milagres.