St Anthony’s Ashram Jeppu Hods Live Way of the Cross


As part Lent the St Anthony’s Ashram Jeppu held live Way of the Cross at its campus. Christians hold the devotion of Way of the Cross during the season of Lent in remembrance of Jesus’ sufferings and death on Good Friday. At the end of the Way of the Cross a special Fr Onil D’Souza the Dirctor of the Ashram offered prayer to neutralize Corona Virus which has caused, death, fear and anxiety among people all over the world. Fr Thrishan D’Souza the Asst Director the Institutes preached a homily on the death of Jesus on the Cross.


The following persons contributed to the live Way of the Cross:


1. Jesus: Stany Machado

2. Mother Mary: Caroline D’Souza

3. Pilate: Dolphi Pinto

4. Simon of Cyrene: Ronald Machado

5. Veronica: Judith D’Souza

6. Soldiers: Roshan Kamath, Ashok Joel, Antony, Stany D’Souza

7. Disciple John: Melroy Monteiro

8. Women of Jerusalem: Philomena Machado, Letitia D’Souza, Anisha Preema D’Souza, Ashel Rodrigues, Sushmitha Monteiro.

9. Mary of Magdala: Jenifer Saldanha

10. Joseph of Arimathea:  Abel

11. Nicodemus: Alwyn,

12. Thief: Vincent Rodrigues,

Settings: Melwyn, Weldone decorators

Sound and Light: Lawrence D’Souza, Souza electricals.

Direction : Vincent Fernandes, Cascia

Singing and reflection: Prem Kumar and team