Seventh day novena in preparation for the feast of Relic of St Anthony at St Anthony Ashram, jeppu

Rev. Fr J.B. Crasta the Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral celebrated the Holy Mass on the seventh day of the novena.

In his homily Fr Crasta preached on the socially isolated people. There are number of people who lead isolated life due to various reason. People suffering from HIV/Aids, people living in the prisons, children deprived of parents love live an isolated life. Human beings are social by nature. When they are deprived of companionship they suffer mentally and long for human companionship. Fr Crasta called on the congregation to spare time to ease the worries of socially isolated people. He also prayed God’s mercy and forgiveness for those who have lost intimacy with God because of sin.


Fr Roshan D’Souza the Asst Director offered Holy Mass in the after-noon at the Ashram. Fr Onil D’Souza the Director of the Ashram conducted Rosary and Adoration. Fr Thrishan D’Souza another Asst Director of the Ashram conducted the novena at 7.30 pm at the entrance gate of the Ashram. 


Fr Onil D’Souza the director of the Ashram thanked the Rosario Cathedral Choir for leading the liturgical singing. Thousands of people participated in the service.