Second day novena in preparation for the feast of Relic of St Anthony.

Rev. Fr Keneth Crasta, Principal of St Joseph Industrial Training Centre Jeppu celebrated the Holy Mass on the second day of the novena.

In his homily Fr Crasta preached homily on ‘respecting the elderly’, the theme of the day. He said long life is considered as the blessing of God in the Bible. Elderly people are like a treasure in the house. They are to be respected and cared. Unfortunately today’s society treats them like useless commodity. That thinking has to be changed. Fr Crasta also called on the congregation to pray for the elderly for their good health and well-being. He asked the Almighty to bless all those who are spending their lives in old age homes and those suffer loneliness.

Fr Roshan D’Souza the Asst Director of St Anthony Ashram offered a Holy Mass for the devotees in the after-noon at Jeppu Ashram followed by Rosary and Adoration. Fr Thrishan D’Souza the Asst Director of the Ashram conducted the novena at 7.30 pm at the entrance gate of the Ashram. 




Fr Onil D’Souza the director of the Ashram thanked the Milagres Choir for leading the liturgical singing.