Inauguration of the scene of St Anthony preaching to the fishes

Newly built scene of Saint Anthony preaching to the fishes was inaugurated on 13th of August by Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza. Before the blessing the Bishop offered mass and preached on how people showed indifference when Saint Anthony was preaching and Anthony from there went to a river side called Rimini and preached to the fishes. The fishes listened to Anthony with eagerness and departed only when he imparted his blessings to them. This is an example to all of us, the Bishop said, how we should listen to the Word of God when it is preached to us.

Later a whole adoration was held in the chapel praying for the well being of the country and its citizens on the occasion of it Independence and the feast of Assumption of our Lady. The adoration was conducted by Fr Stany Monteiro from Bambil Chuch, Br Davis from Davanagere and Br Robert from Haasan.