Feast of the nativity of Our Lady

Rev Fr J.B. Crasta the designate director of the Ashram celebrated the festive mass on the feast of nativity of Our Lady. In his homily he preached the providence of God which is seen in providing food for the humanity. God through the nature provides to the humanity whatever human beings need for their sustenance. In return human being also need to inculcate the spirit of sharing. Then only all can live happily. Further he pointed that the Holy Catholic church invites the faithful to respect the girl child on par with the male child as it can be seen that the sex ratio of female is declining which is not a healthy sign. If we truly respect and honor our heavenly mother we need to respect the children of God equally, he said.

Fr Larry Pinto the Asst director blessed the new corn which was distributed at the end of the Holy mass to the heads of the homes in the Ashram. Fr Onil D’Souza the director of the Ashram thanked all those who contributed to celebrate the feast in a meaningful way. He also thanked Mr Ronald Rodrigues and family of Valencia Church who donated cake and fruits to the inmates to share the joy of Mother Mary’s B-day.