Feast of Relic of Saint Anthony Ninth day of Novena

Fr Frnklin D’Souza from the Diocese of Shimoga offered the Holy Mass on the ninth day of the novena in preparation for the feast of Relic at Milagres Church at 6 p.m. for the intention of married couples.

Fr Franklin in his homily said that the couples in today’s world even for silly reasons file for divorces. That shows the lack of understanding and forgiveness among the couples. The couples who celebrate their jubilees are the role models for today’s couples. If the couples have lived longer years of marries life means they have practiced forgiveness, selfless love, understanding etc. If there is first place for God in the life of couple then the spirit of God guides them to love and respect the partners. It is only the selfishness that drives people to seek the self interest first. So he called on the couples to show mutual love, forgiveness, respect to each other. He also made a special prayer for the couples at the end of the Holy Mass.

Fr Francis   D’Souza the Administrator of the Institutes conducted the Novena. Fr Onil D’Souza thanked the choir group and Mr Simon Pais for conducting the choir. 



After the Holy Mass, ‘Santh Anthony, Potr Potik Pavoi’ a 2 D drama was staged at the Milagres open grounds.

A large number of devotees participated in the devotion.