Feast of Relic of Saint Anthony Fifth day of Novena

Fr Rupesh Madtha director of Diocesan YCS/YSM (Young Christian Students/Young Students Movement)   offered the Holy Mass for the intentions of youth on the fifth day of the novena in preparation for the feast of Relic of St Anthony at Milagres Church on 10th of February at 6 p.m.

Youth are the pillars of a society and of any community. Jesus as youth remained obedient to Joseph and Mary His parents. He also dedicated His life for the cause of downtrodden and underprivileged. Jesus is a model to the present day youth. The youth should draw inspiration from Jesus and try to follow His path. That is the way which will lead them to success. He also asked the elders to appreciate the youth when they do well and correct them without hurting their self-confidence when they falter in their life.  At the beginning of the Holy Mass the youth came in procession from the entrance to the altar and bowed to the Almighty.

Fr Francis D’Souza the administrator of the Institutes conducted the Novena. Fr Onil D’Souza thanked the youth choir who sang well during the liturgy.  A large number of devotees participated in the devotion.