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The Devotion to Saint Anthony in Mangalore gained a new direction when Msgr M.P. Colaco started Novena to the Saint on 12 June 1898 at Milagris followed by a solemn feast in his honour on the next day. Since then hundreds of thousands of people have come to the feet of Saint Anthony seeking his intercession in their various difficulties . All those who came to him have never returned empty handed. Saint Anthony is known as Saint of Miracles. The phrase of thirteen miracles goes along with his name. Such is the power of his intercession towards his devotees.

If Saint Anthony performed number of miracles during his short earthly life of thirty six years he has performed innumerable miracles after his death. He continues to do so even today amidst us. Saint Anthony Charity Institutes is one such miracle. Four hundred destitute are sheltered at this Institutes and all their needs are taken care of free of cost. If this is not a miracle what else is?Saint Anthony does this miracle through his devotees. Saint Anthony is dear to his devotees. And Saint Anthony loves his devotees. If you have any intention to be prayed for please do not hesitate to forward the same to us. On Tuesdays we pray for you at our Shrine at Milagres and our 400 inmates pray for your intentions thrice a day at St Anthony's Chapel, Jeppu.

May Saint Anthony the wonder worker intercede for you and bless you abundantly.