INVOKE St Anthony with fervour and confidence, represent your needs to him and promise him that if he grants your petition, you will give a certain amount, according to your means, for bread to his poor. Promises of feasts, candles etc., are not contemplated by the work. It is not, however, undesirable that when you have obtained some great favour, besides giving the promised alms for bread, you have a candle lighted before his statue or a mass celebrated for the relief of the suffering souls in Purgatory, whose Patron also he is.


NO Set form of words is required. You may make your petition in some such words as these: “O good and powerful St Anthony of Padua, I promise you..... (Rs.....P....) for bread to the poor, if you obtain for me......... (name the favour).......; but as you know better than I do what would be best for me, obtain for me that which will contribute most to the glory of God and the salvation of my soul.


IN order to obtain your petition more easily you may, if you like, make a novena of nine successive days, or of nine consecutive Tuesdays. On each day of the Novena, visit a statue or picture of St Anthony in any Church or in your own house and at each visit recite with attention and devotion some special prayer such as the ‘Miraculous Responsory’, the Litany of the Saint, or any of the subjoined prayers, which your devotion suggests. Those unable to read may say any vocal prayers such as the Rosary or thirteen times Our Father, Hail Mary, and Gloria. To prayer add some other good works, e.g. some acts of mortification, some work of mercy, either corporal or spiritual. Above all take good care to be in the state of grace and to lead a devout and pious life during the novena. If you make a Novena of Nine Tuesdays it would be well to confess and communicate on those days. The Novena of Nine Tuesdays is very effective. It was recommended by the Saint himself to a lady of Bologna who was in great distress. The saint appeared to her and said: O woman, visit a Church of my Order and pray before my altar or picture on nine consecutive Tuesdays, receiving the Holy Sacraments on every Tuesday, and you will obtain what you pray for. The lady followed the advice and obtained the favour.


IF you prefer you may make a Tredecina instead of a Novena. The Tredecina is made in the same way as a Novena, taking thirteen successive days or thirteen consecutive Tuesdays instead of nine. Those who make a Tredecina of thirteen Tuesdays in honour of the Saint, any time of the year may gain a Plenary Indulgence on each Tuesday on the following conditions:– (a) That the thirteen Tuesdays be consecutive, (b) That, having confessed they communicate on each Tuesday, (c) That on each Tuesday they recite a prayer, or make a meditation, or perform some other pious or charitable work, for the glory of God and the honour of St Anthony.


WHEN you have obtained a favour do not forget to thank the Saint and to fulfil your promise of bread to his poor. Your thanksgiving offerings will be utilized to take care of the inmates of Saint Anthony’s Charity Institutes.