I thank St Anthony for my prayers being answered, my test was clear for cancer 

Mrs A. Ayers, England

Thanksgiving for a healthy baby,  a safe normal delivery 

Mrs & Mr M. Ignatius, Chennai

Thanks to St Anthony for my son getting a good partner in life                   

Joseph Pereira, Chennai

Thanks to Saint Anthony  for the successful operation and good health of my daughter            

Antonio Aninha Carva, Canada

I have received my Permanent Residence in Australia. This is my late mother's (Yasotha Somasundram) wish and it was made possible,  thanks to St Anthony                                                                                         

Dana Prakash Somasun, Western Australia

Thanksgiving to St Anthony for the successful surgery on my son’s arm and St Anthony has helped my whole family when we have most needed his help.  

Mrs Joan D’Silva, Australia

 Thanksgiving to St Anthony  for healing my husband's  feet                    

Jacqueline Kerr, Australia